Monday, March 14, 2011

Dresser Update!

So... I have not made a ton of progress on the dresser, but she is fully primed and ready to be painted! YAY!

Here is the body of the dresser.... 
Note that the back has been removed... it was just a flat sheet of MDF like material, so we bought a new one that has one side of MDF like material and the other is a white vinyl... I cant decide which side it going to be on the inside... part of me thinks the white can go inside and the MDF can stay out to be primed and painted... but yeaaaa.... haven't decided yet.

And here are the doors....
I painted the fronts and the backs.... the whole door will be painted with a top coat... executive decision MADE!

I used four, yes four, cans of Zinsser Primer like the can shown below...
I did 3-4 coats on everything and it is still a little spotty... the sanding made the material really ready for soaking up the primer... I think that the person who recommended this primer (via tutorial) does not sand first - which is why this primer is awesome- but don't hold me to it... 3-4 coats really is not that bad... I just applied a coat and watched a few episodes of Greek... then repeated!

Originally I removed ALL of the hardware... it was a dingy gold color so I bought a can of Rust-oleum Hammered Paint (Had Bronze in the name, but I think it was a dark bronze?)
Anyways, I used a piece of Styrofoam to prop the handles up and two light coats later the handles and hinges look AWESOME.... the 'hammered' effect really shows!

And now I am ready to Paint.... But more on that to come!

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