Friday, March 4, 2011

My Next Project

So I was out thrifting last weekend... went to the DI [Utah's version of Goodwill/Salvation Army] trying to find some candle sticks to help me recreate these beauties that I saw on Two Twenty One:

*photo from Two Twenty One

Seriously - there is some talent on that blog! You have to stop by and see this tutorial!

Anyways... I got loaded up with glassware when I stumbled on this beauty...

What a handsome 'dresser'... well at least that is what they called it... If you open the doors there is only 1 pull out drawer per side and nothing else.... Andrew and I have been thinking about replacing our T.V. stand... what we have right now is black with glass shelves and does not hid ANY of our mess - well, all the cords and accessories... So I wanted something a little more streamlined... this may or may not be the piece for the job!

When I saw this 'dresser' I sat across from it for like 20 minutes debating if I could take on a furniture re-do or not. The doors really reminded me of Brooke's Yellow Nightstands @ All Things Thrifty and Julie's Green Dresser Turned Media Console @ Less Than Perfect Life.... and I thought how can I pass this baby up? But since it cost $40 and I wasn't really sure I was going to be able to pull if off I got permission from Andrew before bringing her home...

Currently the 'dresser' is in our garage... So far I have:

1. Removed the doors and ALL hardware
2. Cleaned the entire piece with a de-greaser [Mr. Clean - it was a purple liquid]
3. Removed the MDF/flimsy backing - not the highest quality piece - and purchased a replacement piece (the back was dirty-ish and the piece smelt OLD, so I figured it would hurt to replace it ($10 for a 3x7 white vinyl mdf sheet)
4. Sanded the entire piece including doors and molding
5. Vacuumed and Re-Cleaned all surfaces

I am loosely follow the tutorial posted on Just A Girl... you should check it out if you are thinking about painting furniture.

Next step: PRIME!

Stay tuned for the finished results!


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