Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Touch of Spring

So this is my latest creation... I have been wanting a new wreath for our front door... something green, something fresh... and not insanely expensive!

I started out with the following supplies:

1 - Pair of wire cutters (free, thanks Andrew!)
1 - Roll of 26(?) gauge green floral wire ($1.99 - 40% = $1.27 after tax)
1 - 18" Floral Wreath ($2.99 - 40% = $1.85 after tax)
14 - Green Hydrangea Silk Flowers ( $5.99 each - 40% sale - 20% coupon = $2.85ea or $41 after tax)

I get all my supplies from Michaels - and never shop without a coupon... The flowers were my Vday gift and were already on sale, plus we used a 20% off your entire purchase coupon to make them less than half the original price. I arranged them loosely on the wreath in the store and 14 looked about right for me.

Total cost: $45  - which we think is a pretty fair price for such a large wreath - plus it is exactly what we want.

I started by pulling all the 'buds' off the the fake stems. I decided that it would help let the wreath sit flat against our door if I removed the buds from the flower and attached everything individually - rather than have the bottom of the stem poking out behind the wreath.

The I used floral wire, in a twist-tie fashion to secure the buds to the wreath. Be Careful! The wire is sharp! After tying the buds on, I trimmed the wire and rolled the sharp sides in towards the flowers so they wouldn't poke out the back. I also pre-cut the wire into 2" strips so I did not have to start and stop over and over to cut my wire.

Attaching the flowers took FOREVER! I recommend counting how many buds you have and dividing them equally per section of the wreath - for this wreath I had 9 sections (based on the wreath wires) and 46 buds - so I did ~ 5 per section to make sure they were evenly dispersed.

Once I was finished I hung the wreath on our front door. The previous owners had attached a clasp to the door so I did not need a wreath hanger or ribbon - but you may need those things.

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  1. So simple, but it really packs a punch! Thanks for the pictures, they really help.

  2. This is gorgeous! I've been looking for a spring wreath idea and this is just perfect. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  3. Great wreath! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~ Jen @

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous, so springy!

  5. Hi! I love hydrangeas! I noticed that there is a spring decor party going on at Inspired by Charm. You should check it out. Here's the link

  6. very nice fresh end result. well done!

  7. What a beautiful spring wreath. I love hydrangeas! And the white/green ones you used are stunning.
    Great instructions too!
    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  8. What a gorgeous wreath! Looks so fresh and springy! Beautiful!

  9. I LOVE your wreath! So pretty and hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I've seen wreaths like this on Etsy for $80+ so you have created one for half that price! Thanks for sharing the tutorial and for inspiring me to make my own!