Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally! My Dresser Reveal!

Oh... man... its been forever with this bad boy...

Remember like forever ago when I bought it... sanded and primed it?
Yea... any then we wanted to paint it a nice neutral color... with a metallic finish  - sort of a mother of pearl color?

Well the metallic failed horribly... I think my biggest mistake was believing that I did not need a base coat of some other paint color first... the Ralph Lauren was sold as not needing it... but yea... LIES... Lies I tell you!!!

Anyways... I may have cried a little and punished the dresser by making it sit in the garage for a few weeks... no joke... I was unhappy!

Then, as Andrew tried to convince me that we should paint it yellow {and put it in my nice neutral living room} I was frantically trying to find something as a compromise... Andrew pointed out this really pretty gray color at Home depot...

Turns out it's called Pencil Point (UL260-22)... probably entirely too dark to go on the walls, but perfect for this piece...

Ever fall in love with a color and just buy it on a whim?

Well... that's what we did... 1 quart was just about perfect, and we spring for the Behr paint and primer in 1 latex paint ($15/gal?)... semi-gloss...

Turned out pretty good I think... I don't love it in the space, but it is so pretty! Here are the picts:

We sat it behind the couch in our living room... I thought it would be nice to use as a sofa table, and the storage set up inside is perfect for holding all the Wii components and Dvds... and maybe some board games in the future...

Plus swapping out the backing with a new piece that was half particle board and half white vinyl worked out great... I painted the back side with the gray paint... and faced the white side inside the dresser.... it looks so sleek!

I placed a runner and some lamps on the top and maybe some extra decorative accents in the future... we'll see! {and yes... the lamps are still in the plastic... waiting to make sure I love them (entire lamp by Target)}

Yay for being done!

P.s. Can anyone who's re-done furniture before help me out? We used latex and I swear I can't even look at this thing without chipping/scratching the paint.... ok, mild exaggeration, but still, it scratches easily! Any idea how long that happens for - please say not forever! :(

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  1. Cover it with Polyurethane. It's a clear top coat that dries hard. It's what I used on my kitchen table here:

  2. You could try a clear glaze. Add a little of whatever color you want for accent. Looks great!

  3. Wow, this is beautiful! And I love your lamps too! Way to go!